Media Industry Poised for Explosive BPO/KPO Growth
Discover how publishers are leveraging business process and knowledge process outsourcing to optimize and innovate their operations and accelerate their growth.

Business process outsourcing — a.k.a. ‘BPO’ — qualifies as nothing short of a megatrend that has been sweeping through global economies the last couple of decades. Thanks to BPO and its cousins, information technology outsourcing (ITO) and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), companies find themselves increasingly collaborating with specialized partners to achieve a broader and broader range of business goals. Yet, until recently, this megatrend has largely passed by the media/publishing industry.

However, based on interviews with nearly a dozen media and publishing senior executives, industry BPO appears on the cusp of explosive growth. The drivers of that growth are straightforward: media companies face wholesale transformation of their business models and, therefore, are more willing now than ever before to consider new approaches and best practices. And, at the same time, BPO companies are developing expert media industry practices.

In this new white paper, senior publishing executives share details about the BPO, KPO and ITO projects they have underway or in planning across a surprising range of media business functions, from the routine to the strategic. Emerging from the interviews were BPO/KPO/ITO projects involving everything from repetitive pre-press functions to online advertising operations, audience database management, a variety of technology projects (e-commerce; content management systems) and — yes — even editorial (buyer’s guides; surveys).

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