Technology Services

Optimize your technology infrastructure and processes and unlock opportunity.

The rapid growth of new distribution channels and new content formats place increased pressure on media companies. Pressure to digitize and “mobilize” content. Pressure to accelerate technology development. Pressure to enhance IT infrastructure to support increased data and performance demands.

Aequor Media provides end-to-end technology solutions tailored specifically to the 21st century needs of media companies. Combining our knowledge of your industry with our strengths in technology and building IT systems, Aequor provides a complete solution framework that covers the entire digital publishing value chain — from IT infrastructure and information services to application development to website optimization and more.

Aequor Media can help publishers get to market more quickly, deliver flexibility to their businesses and release human and capital resources to focus on more strategic, business-critical initiatives.

Whether working together in a co-sourced or fully outsourced model, Aequor Media can provide:

  • Information services
    • Digital asset management and content management
    • Content digitization/transformation/fabrication, entity extraction
    • Centralized content storage, content search, digital asset management, knowledge management, analytics
    • Integrated workflow management, editorial systems
    • Finance, subscription management
  • IT infrastructure services
    • Application management
    • Hosting and enterprise server consolidation
    • Data center management
    • Network management
    • Desktop services
  • Website services
    • Enterprise content management
    • Portals
    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Access control and commerce systems
    • Directory services
    • Web analytics