Digital Services

Expand your digital capabilities and enable new opportunities and new revenue streams.

Today’s readers want and expect to be able to access content on their terms — in print, on websites, in social media and via mobile phones or tablets. The increasing demand for multi-device access to multimedia content presents many technological and operational challenges for publishers — but it also is the conduit for massive opportunities to enhance subscriber relationships and unlock new sources of revenue.

Aequor Media helps companies transition from print-centric, “siloed” organizations into integrated multi-platform information providers. From content digitization to application development to mobile and social media strategy, our team delivers everything you need to move to what’s next. And, what’s next after that.

We employ the very latest technology and tools to create, curate, distribute and monetize content across multiple media and channels. Strategically, we help develop and implement the business process improvements that make these platforms and tools work seamlessly leaving your teams to concentrate on content creation and monetization, without technological stumbling blocks obstructing their way.

Whether working together in a co-sourced or fully outsourced model, Aequor Media can provide:

  • Digital content distribution models that enable new business models
  • Application development for tablets and smartphones
  • Social media application and content development
  • Content conversion/digitization from hardcopy, microfilm or digital files for use on the web
  • Content creation and XML content transformation
  • Development of online PDFs, e-zines, e-books or other digital documents
  • Web hosting