Content Strategy and Management

Aequor Media can take on any or all content strategy and management functions — so you can offload the heavy lift, maximize efficiency, and gain the variability that translates into profitability.

As content sources and platforms multiply — from traditional to digital to social to video, from tablets to phones to e-zines and magazines — audience engagement is more complex and challenging than it has ever been. All the more so given today’s need to do more, often with less. An information-rich, content-rich, multi-channel world requires new ways of thinking, and a broader range of capabilities. It also requires that media companies transform the way they create, present and monetize their content.

In all regards, Aequor Media can help. Aequor Media brings to bear extensive editorial/content creation capabilities — from strategic to executional — together with the technology platforms that enable content to be tagged, parsed, re-purposed and optimally monetized across all relevant platforms. Aequor can also provide a service layer that offloads lower-value tasks so your subject matter experts can focus on and create more high-value content, develop new products, and spend more time in-market.

What’s more, Aequor Media is your expert partner to leverage the content marketing needs and opportunities coming from your clients. On a turnkey basis, we can develop and deliver high-quality content-centric programs — from whitepapers to e-books, video series to virtual events, lead nurturing to social engagement. So you realize the ability to scale your content profits without scaling internal resources or straining management bandwidth.

Whether working together in a co-sourced or fully outsourced model, Aequor Media can provide:

  • Content strategy and execution encompassing all formats via our award-winning team media industry leaders and experts
  • Content execution within your editorial management and guidelines and tapping expert writers, editors, photographers, videographers and producers across the media landscape
  • Technical content management along with customized content management platforms
  • The integration of strategy, standards, execution, technology and measurement