Aequor Media provides business process outsourcing, IT outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing solutions to business and consumer magazine publishers, newspaper publishers and book publishers.

As more Fortune 1000 companies increase the volume and quality of content creation and distribution as part of their overall go-to-market and thought leadership initiatives, Aequor Media is forging relationships to outsource/co-source content development for these organizations.

Many of the needs and processes of different businesses are consistent; many are specialized. In all cases, Aequor Media can develop customized "rightsource" solutions that optimize processes, enable much-needed innovation, and accelerate top-to-bottom line growth.


Business and Consumer Magazine Publishers

Despite aggressive cost cutting in recent years, many publishers are still seeking ways to optimize their cost structures as a means of driving profitability and enabling the investment required to spur and sustain growth.

Containing costs through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)is the path more and more magazine publishers are following. BPO goes farther than one-off or ad hoc "fixes" to help numbers near-term. Rather, BPO is integral to leaner, more adaptable, more opportunistic and forward-looking strategies.

Importantly, cost containment is only part of the BPO picture for publishers to consider as they assess the benefits BPO can provide. Can a broader digital and mobile product portfolio be brought to market and monetized faster — and without extensive capital expense? Can editorial costs be controlled even as content needs become more expansive? Can pre-press, printing and distribution be de-coupled from the core business to deliver savings and service level advantages? Can marketing services be added to publishers' revenue mix without also adding fixed costs? Can subscriber/audience marketing be made more efficient and more effective? Can organizational and business model change unlock renewed and profitable growth?

Through the deep publishing expertise of its leadership team — highly accomplished strategic, sales/marketing, production and technology professionals with decades of front-line industry experience — Aequor Media helps business and consumer publishers answer these and many other questions — and by answering them, grow.

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Newspaper Publishers

According to SFN’s Million-Dollar Strategies for Newspaper Companies, newspaper publishers are finding that lowering costs must be done as part of a long-term business strategy. For many companies, that strategy means outsourcing.

In fact, the 2010 World Newspaper Future & Change Study indicates that a significant percentage of newspaper executives are planning to outsource functions to achieve greater efficiency and cost savings. In addition, data from ValueNotes shows that one out of four publishers with revenues of more than $500 million can achieve cost savings of more than 40% via BPO.

Importantly, these savings are being achieved through a variety of partly or wholly outsourced functions. By "jobbing out" print, newspapers can focus on their core businesses and use ever-evolving technology to their advantage — without having the capital-intensive burden of multimillion-dollar equipment and systems, as well as associated labor costs. And while cost reduction often is top-of-mind, outsourcing benefits also stem from the ability to increase performance levels to the expectations of a rapidly changing marketplace.

Higher-quality, four-color printing that drives reader and advertiser satisfaction. Content and production management systems that enable diversified print, web and mobile publishing strategies. Workflow tools that remove labor-intensive and repetitive tasks. Marketing, ad design and editorial page layout/building capabilities that maintain or increase quality levels while utilizing fewer in-house resources. Copy editing that efficiently enables multiple papers via a shared services approach. Editorial Process Outsourcing that solves unique challenges posed by time constraints in a typical publishing environment.

Through publishing-centric technology and business process outsourcing capabilities and expertise, Aequor Media opens the door to new ways of looking at your business, new ways of optimizing your business, and new ways of jump-starting your business to success going forward.

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Book Publishers

The drivers of complexity and challenge are clear for book publishers today. Multi-platform environments and multimedia convergence. Increasing editorial, print and distribution costs. Growing revenue pressure. Increased competition and customer expectations.

What's also clear is that from these challenges comes opportunity. By enabling innovative BPO solutions and providing transformational services, Aequor Media can help you better manage assets and deliver content to established and emerging platforms. To drive cost reduction through outsourcing of non-core functions. To drive efficiency by streamlining processes. To improve balance sheets by turning capex into opex and future-proofing your business via technology outsourcing.

From project management to author relationship management, from content production to printing and fulfillment, from creative services to digital/technology services, Aequor Media turns outsourcing into strategic advantage. By combining on-shore expertise with extensive off-shore capabilities and domain expertise, Aequor Media gives you operational/cost flexibility and variability you seek — together with the ability to focus on the core business activities that accelerate opportunity.

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Fortune 1000 Companies

A recent industry white paper made the bold statement that "Content is marketing." Data from multiple studies in fact supports the claim. According to one recent study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, content in myriad forms — from websites to video, white papers to e-books — now represents more than a quarter of most companies' marketing budgets.

As Chief Marketing Officers and their organizations strive to produce more content to drive customer acquisition, engage in social media and deliver added value to customers, prospects and influencers, they face considerable challenges.

Limited internal resources and bandwidth, organizational silos, lack of overarching strategy and top-down management, and the difficulty of cobbling together multiple external resources all make the promise of and need for content-centric communications difficult to fulfill.

Aequor Media is ideally suited to help in all regards. As a leading business process outsourcer for media companies, Aequor Media has the mature and extensive capabilities to provide content outsourcing to Fortune 1000 companies. We can work with you to develop strategy and processes, to create category-leading content across all formats, to implement robust calendars of activity, and to provide the holistic measurement systems that enable optimization and accountability.

In an age of digital, social and mobile engagement, content is integral and essential. Aequor Media is your flexible, expert and cost-conscious conduit to content excellence and effectiveness.

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